Website Dark Modes

With MacOS Mojave it introduced an operating system wide dark mode, which is great as I prefer it and now with it coming to iOS 13 I will look to use it there as well, but there is a problem, whenever I look at a website which is plain white after I have used a dark website for a while it is rather jarring. Because of this I never use it as I do not get the opposite effect so I like sticking to a light mode because for every site out there that does not have a dark mode that I use I am better off not using it.

Uk Wirecutting Guide

The UK has a lot of different ways in which you can watch TV without watching Live TV, but I will add some parts around that in here towards the end because of an unfortunate genre which I am a bit interested in myself. Put simply, if you want to watch anything other than on demand services you need to get a TV Licence and this will cost around £150 for a year unless you are over a certain age where it is free or you are registered blind and get 50% off.

Responsible disclosure

People make mistakes, this is why in software engineering testing is as important a role in development as developing the software itself. if you cannot as a team delivery software which is reliable and secure this can damage your reputation as a business. It is because of this I am also a fan of things like big bounties - it is important that the right people look for anything you miss and a good bug bounty system coupled with a culture of giving priority to security means that you are doing things right.

On the subject of content management systems

Content Management Systems have traditionally been systems developed on a platform which runs some code, hosts some files, and stores data around the content and application in the database. This is fine, but over time the amount of functionality has been added to them which has caused them in a lot of cases to be bloated. Some additions are useful and can be used by an editorial, marketing or development team; but rarely are these compartmentalised in a way where you can easily disable or enable functionality.

One Day I will have time to write in the blog

I think that day will be today, normally I have a kind of issue around writing a blog, mostly around the fact that writing it is something I have to remember to do, then thinking about words that people would be interested in reading and then being content around where it is posted.